A word from our supplier, Dillanos Coffee Roasters:

Sourcing coffees of authentic quality requires tireless dedication and strong international ties. These values are the foundation that Dillanos green coffee sourcing is built on.

While sourcing coffees from East Africa, Central and South America, and the South Pacific, Dillanos Coffee Roasters has established strong relationships with our partners at origin to ensure the consistency of our supply chain.

Our cupping team spends countless hours tasting potential coffees verifying the quality and profile to ensure that each cup meets our rigorous standards.

Led by Director of Coffee Phil Beattie, our skilled roasters carefully handcraft each and every batch, using all of their senses to encourage a roast's visual, aromatic, and flavor development.

We supplement our roasters' skills with state-of-the-art roasting equipment, including a pair of highly calibrated drum roasters. We put all our coffees through extensive testing during the roasting process, recording every detail and measuring every variable so we can roast our coffees with accuracy and precision. This includes analyzing the moisture content and determining a coffee's precise degree of roast, two critical variables in roasting consistency. This marriage of age-old roasting techniques with modern equipment helps us bring out the best in every coffee we buy.

Our baristas have been trained to provide you with that perfect cup of coffee. With a combination of delicious coffee and our baristas, we aim to provide you with the perfect experience when you visit either of our Courthouse Coffee locations.

  • Organic Coffee
  • Fair-Trade
  • Flavorful Taste
  • Variety of Blends

Dillano's One Harvest Project

The One Harvest Project has two objectives: promote great coffees, and to supply sustainable futures to the amazing people who grow them.

This project was designed to create a transparent, sustainable and profitable supply chain that benefits everyone involved, from the farmer all the way to the retailer. We start by traveling the globe to find the finest coffees, and commit to the well-being of our importing and exporting partners by offering unique education opportunities, health benefits, and environmental projects.

We believe the key to stability in this volatile coffee market, is our long-term relationships with the growers. Knowing that there will be someone there next year - ready to pay a fair price for their amazing coffee - gives them the peace of mind to move forward with confidence. This is One Harvest.

Dillano's Coffee Bean Picking
Dillano's Roasted Coffee Beans
Dillano's Coffee Logo
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Coffee Menu Header
Our Favorites SingleDoubleQuad
Amnesty 3.503.974.67
Deposition 3.503.974.67
Illegal Consumption3.503.974.67
Jailhouse Rock 3.503.974.67
Judicial System 3.503.974.67
Jury Duty 3.503.974.67
Mediation 3.503.974.67
Paddy Wagon 3.503.974.67
Plea Bargain 3.503.974.67
Search & Seizure 3.503.974.67
Espresso & Coffee SingleDoubleQuad
House Blends 1.251.752.25
French Press 1.75
Espresso Shooter 1.75
Cappuccino 2.803.273.74
Latte 2.803.273.74
Mocha 3.273.784.21
Americano 1.75
Cafe Au Lait 2.102.99
Steamer 2.342.803.27
Hot Chocolate 2.342.803.27
Tea 1.25
Chai 2.803.273.74
Iced & Blended SingleDoubleQuad
Smoothies 3.25
   Strawberry, Mango, Peach, Raspberry, or Green Apple
20-Below Hot Chocolate 3.29
Chocolate Peanut Butter 3.97
Blended Green Tea 3.29
Kid Kreamz 2.753.29
   Cotton Candy, Orange Creamsicle
Fountain Soda 1.40
Food Menu Header
Wraps & Sandwiches 4.35
Salads & Veggies 3.50
Soup of the Day 1.68
Caveman Chili 3.13
Sugar Cookies 1.13
Pastries 2.20
Scones 2.61
Cheesecake 3.32

News Section Header
Milk, 50/50, Soy 0.35, 0.70, 0.95
Flavor Shot 0.40
Expresso Shot 0.40
Chai Shot 0.75
Joe-To-Go 12.00

8 serving box complete with cups, creamers, sweeteners and stirs.

Courthouse Coffee Loyalty Card
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Google Map for Courthouse Coffee Downtown Warsaw, IN

108 North Buffalo Street

Warsaw, Indiana 46580

(574) 268-1616


Google Map for Courthouse Coffee East Warsaw, IN

2858 Frontage Road

Warsaw, Indiana 46580

(574) 268-1611


Our East location features a meeting room equipped with tables and plenty of seating for family gatherings, birthdays, events, and corporate off-site meetings.

Meeting room packages are available with coffee & drink services.